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Google Voice numbers can be made permanent for $20
By Rachel King | June 10, 2011, 6:28am PDT

Google Voice numbers can be made permanent for $20 | ZDNet

Do you love your Google Voice number so much that you want to make it permanent? Well, now you can for a fee.

Until now, users who ported their numbers to Google Voice, changed their Google Voice numbers or merged their numbers with Sprint only had a 90-day grace period to hold on to their original Google Voice numbers.

But now, subscribers have a choice. (Although it’s a tad surprising that enough GV subscribers get so “attached” to their GV numbers that they need this option.) Google Voice announced on its official blog:

To keep a previous number on your account, log in to Google Voice, visit the Settings tab, and click “make permanent” next to the number that you want to hang on to.

Of course, there’s just one little, one-time only fee of $20 to make all this happen. If you’re serious about keeping your Google Voice number, then that’s really not that much to pay.