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    Report: 25% of U.S. Hackers Are FBI Informants
    By DAN ROWINSKI of ReadWriteWeb, June 7, 2011

    Report - 25% of U.S. Hackers Are FBI Informants -

    Hackers are turning on each other in droves. One in four hackers will snitch on their hacker buddies when pressured by the United States Secret Service or Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to an investigation done by The Guardian.

    Apparently there is no omerta between hackers. The Guardian says that the FBI has so thoroughly infiltrated the hacker community "that it is now riddle with paranoia and mistrust." Arrested hackers often turn into moles for the FBI, acting on behalf of the agency as informants in underground chat rooms and forums to sniff out other hackers susceptible to arrest. Hackers of the world: how likely are you to become a snitch for the U.S. government if you are arrested?
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