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    My wife just bought me an iPod for my birthday, and I'm looking for a PCI Firewire card. I looked at CompUSA, and they start at $30 and go to $80.

    I also went to Ebay and saw several ranging from $14 to $50.

    I know some cards come with video editing software which does affect the price, but does it really matter what "kind" of Firewire card I get?

    Is there really a difference between the $14 and $70 card?

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    Good question. I've just started looking at USB 2.0 cards myself.

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    chung mike,

    for the ipod, yes it does matter.

    The ipod doesn't seem to like certain chipsets. go to and read the support diccusion area. The are several postings (or at least were when the winpod came out) on what cards worked.

    This doesn't mean you can't buy an inexpensive card, just buy one that will work.

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