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    I feel like I'm addicted to this page. I constantly refresh this page to check out news on of course... webos. Its sad. The addiction is horrible and its totally the Admins fault! Okay lets just blame Derek (sorry first name that came to mind). I demand someone posts a minimum of 5 stories a day. You shall be compensated by (____________fill in______) and of course thank yous! I really like the guest posts because it brings a "twist" to the POV of the regular authors. Although nothing is wrong with the current way of things but its just like "interesting......" Hey maybe we can have a section to submit an "article" sometimes I want to write an article on a topic but don't want to commit to it continuously.

    I digress...

    You caused my addiction Derek.... okay
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Hear ya brother... I almost made P|C my default homepage, but then Google is still more efficient. I guess we love webOS, since I also spend alot of time around here. Sorli...
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    You might benefit from an RSS reader. I like google reader.
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    I know. This site is my one and only addiction. I thought that once I get the new devices I wouldn't need to check here all the time, but what's the harm, right?!

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