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    HI all,

    is the mouse going the way of the stylus? Inter testing thought. However, I know some people who wish they the Pre's still had a stylus & silo for certain uses.

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    Still Think The Mouse Isnít Dead?

    MG Siegler Jun 3, 2011

    Still Think The Mouse Isn’t Dead?

    Weíve been over this. But many of you felt the need to argue ó passionately ó about the fate of an input device we all use today: the mouse. I say itís dead. Well not dead, dead ó yet. But the wheels are clearly in motion. Many disagree. And I thought it was worth bringing up again upon seeing the demo video that Microsoft put out there for Windows 8.

    I mean, does anyone still think the mouse isnít dead?

    I can understand that after Apple put a gun to the head of the mouse with the release of the Magic Trackpad, people were skeptical. ďApple has basically no market share!,Ē was the basis of most of the basic arguments. The bigger point was that weíre moving into a world where touch is king, lead by the smartphones and tablets. These devices are going to start influencing our more traditional computers, not the other way around.
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    The mouse isn't dead, and never will be dead. Touch does not, nor ever will, offer the same level of precision as a mouse. There's countless, and I mean countless, applications (pun intended) for mouse use in computing. Gaming, video editing, and photo editing are top three that come to mind.

    Mouse == lazy man's way of using the computer.

    Also, some people (like my parents) don't ever want to learn any new ways to use the computer. They know the mouse, they don't know touch. Is that bad? Nope.

    Mouse is not dead, nor ever will be. Dumb article.
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    Waste of ink.
    Why did I print this page.

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