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The health risk study of cell phone usage came at an interesting time, as the Supreme Court is reviewing safety lawsuits in regards to cell phones. Please see the link provided for the balance of the article.

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Cellphone Study Raises Profile on Safety Lawsuits

By REUTERS, SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters),June 1, 2011, (Reporting by Dan Levine; editing by Andre Grenon)


The Supreme Court is considering the fate of litigation against cellphone makers over safety risks, just as the industry comes under more scrutiny in the wake of a health report from the World Health Organization.

A working group of WHO cancer experts suggested on Tuesday that cellphone use should be classified as "possibly carcinogenic" after reviewing of all the available scientific evidence.

The classification puts mobile phone use in the same broad cancer risk category as lead, chloroform and coffee, and it garnered extensive media coverage. Industry groups immediately sought to play down the announcement, saying it does not mean that cellphones cause cancer.