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    We are trying to set up a non-profit streaming radio station. Currently the system routes to a Part 15 transmitter set up, but the plan is in the works to get some remote sites pulling a stream and then retransmitting.
    So, computer A is going to stream to the distribution server, AND broadcast. This has worked in the past, but no longer.
    The system is currently running Zara 1.6, and I was thinking about something like Shoutcast DNAS or Winamp with the plugin. For the loopback we aren't using VirtualAduioCable, because this is AM, and the system works just fine with a real cable between the 2 soundcards.
    Is there anyone who could help, or direct me to help get this set up? I have all the required upstream info for the distribution server, but continually get cipher or timeout errors. I even set up a completely new computer, and it does the same thing. The new Shoutcast config files are WAY more confusing than they were 5 years ago. I am aware of Zara 1.4's ability to work with plugins, but 1.6 is doing some unique event management that at this point is far more important.
    I'd gladly PayPal you some remuneration for this.
    Thanks in advance!
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    The offtopic posts do not appear in the "new posts" on the site so there is a very small number of potential browsers... I am afraid I cannot help you and I'm not sure anyone else reading here can.

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