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    Intel Unveils Laptops That Include Tablet Features

    By REUTERS, May 31, 2011, (Reporting by Noel Randewich; Editing by David Gregorio)

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel unveiled a new category of laptops that it says will include the best features of tablets as the world's top chipmaker struggles to find its footing in the exploding market for mobile gadgets.

    At the Computex technology exhibition in Taipei, computer maker Asus is expected to show off its first new PC in the "Ultrabook" class, and Intel said it and models made by other manufacturers would go on sale by Christmas and cost under $1,000.

    The Ultrabooks will be svelte and lightweight but still pack high-performace processors. They should account for 40 percent of laptop sales to consumers by the end of next year, Tom Kilroy, a senior vice president at Intel, told Reuters in an interview.

    "We're shooting for ultra responsive. You'll have always-on, always-connected, much more responsive devices, similar to what you would see with a tablet today such as an iPad," he said.
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    Since MS abandonded their tablet version of the OS what will these run?

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