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    HP, take notice

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    [QUOTE=bluenote;2974134]HP, take notice

    [url=]YouTube - ‪Nexus S™ 4G "Cats"‬
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    NYAN Cat <3

    Maybe HP could make one with dogs instead? Or gerbils!
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    I have to agree, Sprint's latest ads are horrible. The "Double Dream Hands Man" ad strikes me as being especially awful. They are playing upon all the silliness that is available via the internets (a lot of that silliness involves cats), but the overall impression that I get from the campaign is that they are trying too hard to look cool. The factual straightforwardness of the commercials does not mesh with the memes they are talking about. To put it metaphorically, the ads are like a 50-year-old man forwarding Icanhascheezburger pictures to his grandkids in an effort to appeal to them. It's just sad.

    If you're going to go silly, go full-on irreverent, a la Old Spice or GEICO.
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    Touchscreens are a fad.

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