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I think this is a good idea....we all should know what if anything our info will be used for.

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Senator calls for smartphone app privacy policies
By JOELLE TESSLER, AP Technology Writer Joelle Tessler, Ap Technology Writer, Wed May 25, 5:17 pm ET

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WASHINGTON A key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is challenging Apple Inc. and Google Inc. to require all developers that make apps for their mobile devices to adopt formal privacy policies.

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., sent letters to the two companies Wednesday asking that all apps for the iPhone, iPad and devices running Google's Android software provide "clear and understandable privacy policies." Such policies would tell users what personal information the app collects and how that information is used and potentially shared. Right now, it's up to individual developers whether to spell that out.

Franken said that given the popularity of their mobile devices, Apple and Google are in "a unique position to influence the market for apps and protect users' privacy within that market."