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Analysis: iPad Prospects Spur Brazil High-Tech Drive

By REUTERS, May 25, 2011, (Editing by Andrew Hay)


RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - The prospect of a mammoth $12 billion investment by iPhone maker Foxconn Technology Group has sent Brazilian government officials scrambling to rethink the country's industrial policy.

The aim is to nurture a high-tech industry that will slash Brazil's costly dependence on tech imports and create a complete production chain in Brazil to feed rampant demand for products like smartphones and tablet computers.

An incentive package being discussed by a special government taskforce could mark a bold shift in policy spurred by the Taiwan firm's announcement last month that it is considering a major expansion in Latin America's largest economy.

Development of an electronics production chain would help ease one of Brazil's most serious economic imbalances -- a huge trade deficit with China and other countries in high-value manufactured products that create the smarter, higher-paying jobs that Brazil wants.