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    How are they "too late" again? Both say 'beta at end of the year.

    Besides....why is it so important to so many that Team A beats Team B by a matter of weeks or months?

    Really. This is a common lament and I just can't wrap my mind around the concept. It seems a bit silly. The new car smell wears off pretty quickly. I just don't see the issue here at all.
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    Nah, not too late. It is so very rare these days for anyone to have a completely unique feature. You have to find other ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors than by just a feature or two.

    Most will probably disagree with this statement, but webOS is the new kid on the block. They need to promote what the advantage of it over Android/iOS in order to win a significant portion of the market. The differentiators are there, but question is can HP convince anyone other that the P|C faithful that it is worth it!

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