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    Hey guys, my wife and I are moving to Denver in a little under three weeks and are trying to figure out where to live. We're in a difficult situation in that we've only been to the area a few times and aren't very familiar with it, and most likely won't have a chance to fly out to actually find a place in person. So...we turn to the intertubes for advice.

    We're looking to rent a 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse, hopefully in the range of $1000/month although we're flexible. She'll be working in Englewood so ideally we want to keep it to less than a 30 minute commute. Most importantly, we're looking for a safe, quiet, family-friendly area, which is the most difficult thing to gauge without actually being able to go to a place and check it out in person. Being able to go out at night is a nice touch, but we're more interested in living somewhere homey than hip and trendy.

    So, any pro-tips on where we should be looking? Any advice, suggestions, help, etc is welcomed! Thanks!
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    Lakewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch are good places. The farther west or south you go from Englewood, the "nicer" it gets. The closer to Denver( north / east ) itself you get, the busier/"not as nice" you get. The nice thing about the Denver metro area is that there are many options for going out at night, lots of different areas.
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    Thanks, we're looking at places in Lakewood...I'll keep that in mind!
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    If you haven't stumbled on this place, it might be good to check out: Alexan City Center : Luxury Apartments in Englewood, Colorado, near Denver | Home

    Central Englewood. A big plus to this place is your RIGHT on the lightrail track/bus hub, which can shoot you downtown real quick and could be especially beneficial if you guys only have one car. Walking distance from a grocery store, a Wal-Mart (but don't shop there), lots of quick little restaurants, coffee shops and at least one bar that's good enough. Heh.

    I saw on their website that they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which might be good for your situation of not being able to come scope it out first. Not sure about pricing, but might be worth a phone call.

    P.S. I had some trouble with the drop-down menus on the website, but when I click-and-held the header and dragged the cursor down it allowed me to click on the sub-sections.

    P.P.S. There's also a Church of Scientology very close by, in case you plan on conversion. :P
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    Whatever city you choose. Bring jackets. BIG fluffy ones. In about 4-5 months.. Your gonna need em.

    P.S. No aliens killed volcanos for me.
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    Yeah I saw that Alexan place, and am looking into it. Looks very urban and fancy!

    As for the BIG fluffy wife is moving to Denver, and I'm moving to Vail (for a year before rejoining her in Denver). BIG fluffy jacket is gonna be crucial...
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    I can't give any recommendation on Denver itself, but I love using HousingMaps when I am searching for a new place. It's a Google Maps front end for Craigslist.

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