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    An imaginary phone in the palm of your hand
    By Chris Jablonski | May 22, 2011, 11:22pm PDT

    An imaginary phone in the palm of your hand | ZDNet

    Researchers at Potsdam University in Germany have developed an “imaginary phone” that uses depth cameras to detect where you are pressing on your palm, reports New Scientist.

    The technology used is similar to that in Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing gaming system. The signal is sent to a computer that processes it and then sends the relevant command to your mobile phone.

    Why you’d want to manage calls on your palm rather than your actual phone is essentially a question of convenience (e.g., your phone is out of reach or misplaced). To work effectively, however, you’d need to know precisely where the specific buttons and apps are on the physical phone. The researchers found 68% of iPhone users can locate the majority of their home screen apps on their hand.
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    Sure this might be good for making phone calls but remeber we are smart phone users. Games,internet,sms, email, ect....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Will this work for other body parts?
    I'd like to put an imaginary foot in someone'sass (70's Show revisited) and have them experience it like it's the real thing.

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