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    Hi all,

    Perhaps there is a way to chock out Spam for good! Please see the link for the entire article.

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    Study Sees Way to Win Spam Fight

    By JOHN MARKOFF, May 19, 2011

    For years, a team of computer scientists at two University of California campuses has been looking deeply into the nature of spam, the billions of unwanted e-mail messages generated by networks of zombie computers controlled by the rogue programs called botnets. They even coined a term, “spamalytics,” to describe their work.

    Now they have concluded an experiment that is not for the faint of heart: for three months they set out to receive all the spam they could (no quarantines or filters need apply), then systematically made purchases from the Web sites advertised in the messages.

    The hope, the scientists said, was to find a “choke point” that could greatly reduce the flow of spam. And in a paper to be presented on Tuesday at the annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in Oakland, Calif., they will report that they think they have found it.
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    As long as there is money to be made, someone will deal with the spammers. I don't see much progress being made as a result of this study.

    The way I see it, the spam fight has already been won. You just have to know where to host your email. I've had a email address for several years now, and with the combination of grey-listing, blocking open relays, and heuristic spam checking, I don't receive any unwanted email. Spammers that send email to my address are usually rejected by the grey-list mechanism, which results in their emails being bounced back to them with a "recipient does not exist" reply. If they do make it past the grey-list process, they end up in my held mail folder, at which point I can automatically report them to their ISP's abuse department. Before the implementation of the grey-list process, I used to get a lot of email in my held mail folder. I would bulk report all of it, and then wait for the response from the offender's ISP. Thanks to the automated reporting, I've actually shut down several spammers. Can't beat that type of satisfaction. Now with the grey-listing, I maybe get one spam message in my held mail folder a month.

    Costs me $30 a year for my spamcop address, but it's always been worth it to me. It's one thing yelling and shaking your fist at your PC because of all the spam. Getting confirmation from an ISP that they have revoked a spammer's Internet access... Totally worth it. - Beware of cheap imitations
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