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    Paul Krugman is a brilliant man. He has contributed quite a bit to the field of Economics.

    I'd not be surprised to find many agreeing that it's easy to dismiss opposing views when expressed stupidly. The flip side of that is it's often painful to see someone smart on the other side of the line. Krugman often writes quite liberal editorials in the New York Times. I read them because often he has valid points, and you never learn anything reading people who think the same as you.

    Regardless, I was surprised to see Mr. Krugman pen the cover article in this week's NYT Magazine. The Times is usually really good about shunting rhetoric to the opinion page. This article isn't a pure opinion piece (and indeed contains many interesting facts, and observations) but there were times I thought it crossed the line into opinion.

    One thing I think he really needs to realize is no one is defending stupid corporations that elevate stupid, greedy people. Indeed, look what has happened to those corporations now. They are either bankrupt, or close to it, and the aforementioned idiots are either out of a job or in jail. That is why I think Krugman's mentioning of companies such as Enron, Adelphia and Tyco is to convince people of a point of view, not illuminate a story.

    To summarize, it's a great article, completely against my point of view, and at times overly opinionated.

    If you'd like to read it, the link is below; free registration is required. Feel free to respond, and feel free to remove yourself from the confines of journalism because unlike Krugman, you aren't writing in a supposedly neutral arena.
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    Hm... no responses. Guess I should change the topic. He ain't much of a powderkeg.

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