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I agree with the article....Palm has hundreds of patents regarding touch screens, I think this firm may not be the only one with this tech. In addition, I have read that a few firms are thing of bring back the stylus to work in conjunction with finger touch.

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Hanvon introduces dual-touch displays for finger, stylus input.

Hanvon introduces dual-touch displays for finger, stylus input

Hanvon is showing off a new technology for creating displays which can recognize touch input from a fingertip or from a precise stylus or digital pen. The company says its new Dual-Touch ERT Technology is the first system to offer that kind of functionality, but I suspect that HP, HTC, N-Trig, and a few other companies would have something to say about that.

That said, the technology certainly sounds interesting. Hanvon says its screens can be 30 to 50 percent cheaper than a typical capacitive touchscreen display. Hanvon also offers palm rejection technology so that you can rest your hand against the tablet and write or draw with a pen without ending up with a big palm-sized smudge.

Hanvon’s Dual-Touch Electromagnetic Resonance Displays could be used for eBook Reader or tablets, and Hanvon just happens to make both