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    I have been rockin a sprint pre since june 09. It was a father's day gift. Anyway I had an audition for a co host position a urban show called Direct Access.

    The first part of the contest for the job is to make the top best audition, which I did. Now the voting begins. This is where I need my precentral family to come in.

    This is how it works.

    At the end of this week they will pick the top 50 people out of 100 with the most votes. Next week will be 25 out of 50 and the last week is 1 out of 25.

    You can vote 1 time per minute, as many times as you want.

    I find it best not to reload/refresh when you want to vote again. Just click the link.

    My name is Rich Reid. Make sure you vote for that name.

    the host on the show rocks and iphone. I promise to promote webos as much as possible if I win and get the co host position.

    Thank you for your support.

    if you watch the video YES I WAS VERY NERVOUS!
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    Whats in it if I vote for u
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    lol knew that was coming. Well all I can do is try to promote webos as much as I can if I get on the show. Sorry I can't offer you more then that
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    if I win I will give precentral a shout out!
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    I'd love a palm pre
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    I would like a hp pre3

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