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    Please read the last paragraph which I have marked in bold text. The link I am providing will take you to the rest of the article....This has the potential for giving us faster, smaller more powerful handheld devices which use far less power. Apparently, this has caused some alarm, is Intel setting itself up for the next big thing or are they going to shoot themselves in the foot?

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    Intel Increases Transistor Speed by Building Upward


    HILLSBORO, Ore. — Intel announced on Wednesday that it had again found a way to make computer chips that could process information more quickly and with less power in less space.

    The transistors on computer chips — whether for PC’s or smartphones — have been designed in essentially the same way since 1959 when Robert Noyce, Intel’s co-founder, and Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments independently invented the first integrated circuits that became the basic building block of electronic devices in the information age.

    These early transistors were built on a flat surface. But like a real estate developer building skyscrapers to get more rentable space from a plot of land, Intel is now building up. When the space between the billions of tiny electronic switches on the flat surface of a computer chip is measured in the width of just dozens of atoms, designers needed the third dimension to find more room.

    The company has already begun making its microprocessors using a new 3-D transistor design, called a Finfet (for fin field-effect transistor), which is based around a remarkably small pillar, or fin, of silicon that rises above the surface of the chip. Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., plans to enter general production based on the new technology some time later this year.

    Although the company did not give technical details about its new process in its Wednesday announcement, it said that it expected to be able to make chips that run as much as 37 percent faster in low-voltage applications and it would be able to cut power consumption as much as 50 percent.
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    Seriously though, we're overdue for a jump in processors, at least in the minds of us users!
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