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    There have been an unusual amount of storms, particularly with tornados, this spring. I live in East Tennessee and last night we had very severe weather. Where I live in Knox County, we had the worst hail I have ever seen, very heavy for 15 minutes, then about an hour later, another moderately heavy round for another 15 minutes. Much of it was golf ball sized. My next door neighbor had 4 cars outside, all their windshields were broken, one car it had collapsed inside the car, as well as the back window. I had one car outside and it only has one impact crack, but it could cover the entire window eventually. We had our roof replaced 1.3 years ago, you can see impact damage all over the roof. A few neighbors had windows on their home broken.

    There were around 180 deaths throughout the south. Over 50 were in alabama. There was a huge tornado between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham that may have been a mile wide, and may have stayed on the ground for over 100 miles as it headed towards Huntsville.

    If you are able to be of help please do what you can to help your neighbors, whether next door or not.
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    This tornado outbreak is the most on record for April, with over 800 tornadoes reported so far.

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