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    I have been looking for a Laptop Sleeve style case, just a case for the laptop itself, not a briefcase. Like this one from InCase[here].

    Anybody have experience with these style and got any recommendations?
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    I picked up something similar from Levingers on clearance for about $15 ( Love it when I don't need to haul everything, but mine does not have a shoulder strap.
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    Sorry but that link gave me an error. Can you try again?
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    Hey body glove makes laptop sleeves...
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    Got an EMS ( near you?

    They sell something along those lines to keep your laptop protected in your backpack while hiking.

    If you plan on using something like this on a day-to-day basis, make sure it has a good shoulder strap. I had an attache case for my laptop and it ended up killing my shoulder.

    - cml
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    After looking around for a while, I decided on the incase sleeve. If anybody wants to know my impressions of it when I get it, just let me know.

    Side note: I have the neoprene case the handpring sells for the visor phone, that is actually just rebranded from incase. I liked that so much that's why I went to incase to start with.

    Thanks for all the input....
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    Sorry- typo. It is Right now, they have a 'pj case' for $19.95.

    So far, I LOVE everything I got from Levengers (also, so far, from the outlet section!) Excellent quality, shipping, etc. The only thing that bugs me is the PDA cases are all generic for Palm, Pocket PC, etc., so tend to be rather biggish.

    This is one of the places it pays to check every so often, though. I got an OtterBox for my PDA for $7 one time.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    actually it's just, no -s at the end.

    Thanks anyway, but I already ordered another bag. I did bookmark the site though, good deals inthe outlet section. Thanks!
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    I got the one for my powerbook from Waterfield Designs. Can't say enough good things about them.
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    I'm getting a Case Logic Neopprene sleeve deali for my bro's ibook for his bday.. $19.99 at compusa... hopefully he isnt' reading this
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