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    I know Im not much of a talker here in the forum, but I bored outta mind and felt maybe I should start a thread. So Here It Goes:

    Post Some of the funniest, weirdest, or dumbest convo's you have had. Here is one of mine:

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Actual conversation with my girlfriend (double MBA grad)

    Girlfriend (on phone): What did you do to my computer??!!

    Me: What do you mean?

    Girlfriend (on phone): You messed up my mouse!!

    Me: What the <blank> are you talking about ?

    Girlfriend (on phone): My mouse won't work right now! It's all messed up!

    Me: I didn't do anything to your system.

    Girlfriend (on phone): Yes you did!!!!

    Me: I have no idea what you are talking about!

    Girlfriend (on phone): You were fixing something on my computer last night and now the mouse is all messed up! What did you do?! I need to use the computer!

    Me: I didn't do anything... what do you mean your mouse isn't working? What is it doing?

    Girlfriend (on phone): Ever since you worked on this thing the mouse is backwards!

    Me: Backwards? What do you mean?

    Girlfriend (on phone): I mean.... when I move it up it goes down. If I move it right it goes left. I need this to work right! You have to quit messing it up!

    Me: Honey.... tell me one thing....

    Girlfriend (on phone): What!!????

    Me: Look at your mouse.

    Girlfriend (on phone): I am! What?

    Me: Tell me... is the mouse cord on TOP of the mouse, or on the BOTTOM?

    Girlfriend (on phone): It's uh.... Oh..... nevermind, it was upside down... that fixed it.

    Ahh yes... sigh.
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    OK, so MBA is a beverage preference?
    'Must Be Alcohol' (double shots)
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    LOL seems like it MBA = college Masters degrees (if you're serious)
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    LOL seems like it MBA = college Masters degrees (if you're serious)
    Studied English Philology and Literature in Uni, so I know what an MBA is
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    LOL... I figured you HAD to be pulling my leg You and your dry sense of humor haha

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