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    I don't really know of any.... those are nice pieces of equipment. A bit of a learning curve whenever I go back and use my sister's at he place but I like it.

    There's a great review and breakdown of the new Macbook Pro here:

    Looks like they really optimized the battery life on the new version.
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    The only thing I can think of is price, but my MacBook Pros have lasted me much longer than any Windows laptop I've ever had, so Macs end up being cheaper.
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    Reason why I don't have a macbook are primarily cost-related. I like to build/upgrade/modify my computers. It's cheap and easy on WinTel. Not so much on Apple stuff.

    I have one Mac in the house, but no one used it when I swapped it in to be the family computer. Even the kids telling me they wanted a Mac complained - which surprised me because they had used both platforms enough that I wasn't expecting the bias of not wanting to learn a new paradigm.

    I tell people that if they are willing to pay a little more, and get great care from the kids at the Apple Expert Bar, they should get a Mac.

    If they want help from me or the neighbors, they should not get a Mac. They have great hardware, and they work great as long as you always color within the lines.
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    I purchased mine in 2007 so it's not a newer model but I absolutely love it. Great build, performance, and customer service!
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    I jumped from PC to iMac, I got my daughter Mac Book Pro 13" and she totally loves it, she also had PC before, I was a PC guy since IBM 286 came out, I always raved about how great PC are and I use to build my own system and over-clock them, my entire house hold all had PC, some had desktop and some had laptops but now that all changed. I migrated to iMac and daughter has Mac Book and now I will be getting iPad2 and later iPhone5, so my ecosystem will be complete. I really cant think of any reason to tell you not to get Mac, the only reason is price. But this is how I look at it, if you buy a laptop today, any laptop it will go down in price in few months and that leaves a bad taste in mouth cause you over spent on something that will be much cheaper in few months. But not with Apple products, my iMac and Mac Book still cost the same as the day i bought it. And I know it will remain the same price the only thing that will change is upgraded models, and if I sell any of my Apple products I know I will not loose lot of money. This is what I like about Apple it retains it value. My wife uses a PC at work and says Apple so much simpler to use and it does not crash or give problems. There are no registry on Apple system, when you want to remove something you just drag it to the trash bin and it is gone. I highly recommend Apple products if you can afford them then get one you wont regret it. Might be small learning curve but the simplicity of the OS is amazing, plus I have the TrackPad and that is one SICK piece of hardware, have no need for a mouse. I became a believer once I made the switch and I think that anyone that jumps from PC to Apple will understand me completely. If you have any question jump post her or PM me and I be happy to give you honest opinion.

    My son has IBM IDEAPAD and he now want Mac Book but I cant afford now but will get it soon, the biggest reason is the battery, IBM dies much faster then the Mac Book.
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    All those reviews are nice but take from average people who use them everyday. Apple makes one heck of hardware.
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    I am not either, but I honestly can tell you that I really enjoy my iMac, have no regrets. iMac & Mac Book same except for one is laptop otherwise they are really awesome machines. I thought I would miss PC but I really don't. Dont miss all the crashes, lockups and all the rest of the BS that comes with it. I dont have need even to over clock the iMac it just runs. And in summer the LION OS will be coming out that will be awesome OS lot of upgrades. My personal opinion is just get Apple and you will never look back but it is just my opinion.
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    Best of Luck to you, and keep us posted here on your user experience. Be interesting to know how you doing with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, I will be getting it for hardware, power, weight, and durability.
    Not at all for the OS, as explained above. I'm sure it will be a pleasant extra.

    On a sidenote though, it's been years since I had serious issues on my pcs (apart from Win7 third-party driver issues).
    I'll most likely be bootcamping Win7 on a Macbook Pro my next time around too. The hardware is just incredible. My concerns sound similar to yours. I have to run some proprietary software, including some XP software that I'm hoping I can run natively without a VM. I think VM will introduce driver issues into the mix and I just don't want to go there.

    Let us know how yours turns out.
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    One big reason is...

    At least Mac's don't look like this anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    One big reason is...

    At least Mac's don't look like this anymore

    I can just imagine walking into a client boardroom with one of those... and a coloring book... and a box of Crayola brand crayons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    I can just imagine walking into a client boardroom with one of those... and a coloring book... and a box of Crayola brand crayons.
    I think that would have said more about you than the computer.

    You'd have the same problem if you walked in with this:

    And that is available today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Thanks all. Yes, I too usually build my own systems (usually silent and powerful minitops).

    And (hold the tomatoes) I will be installing Win7 on it (Bootcamp).
    Reason is I depend on Win7 for business. I usually RDP to my work desktop, and that is of course possible from a Mac, but I also need to be able to have a standalone production system (every holiday is a working holiday and try RDP-ing out of the jungle).

    But apart from that, seems like a great way to get acquainted with Mac.
    I may even get an iPhone
    (no, I will hack webOS on it when HP starts shipping it)

    Oh another good review is this one:
    The MacBook Pro Review (13 & 15-inch): 2011 Brings Sandy Bridge - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
    You can actually run Windows on a Mac. It's like having a computer in a computer. There is no laptop better or more powerful than a Macbook Pro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Let me know if you know any.
    The new benchmarks show sandy bridge processors giving marked improvements in performance - much more than is typical from one generation of macbook pros to the next. Its really a good time to upgrade.

    As far as an argument NOT to upgrade depends how much video editing or processor intensive work you do. If you just run microsoft applications or adobe photoshop and not a ton of video editing, one could make a case to wait until late summer/early fall when they upgrade the macbook airs with sandy bridge --> those should be really something special.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Let me know if you know any.
    None that I can think of. I got one less than a year ago and love it. It's built very well. In fact, my next desktop computer will probably be a Mac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    You can actually run Windows on a Mac.
    Isn't that like putting a bumper sticker on a BMW?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Isn't that like putting a bumper sticker on a BMW?
    more like putting a Mopar Hemi engine in your BMW.
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    I have been using a MacBooks for 5 years now. I am on my second one only because my brother-in-law's wife spilled a bottle of Corona on my open laptop and fried it. My second one I have had for a year now and it still performs like it did when I first bought it (and it should).

    Back to the first since I had it longer, it never had performance issues. It booted up quickly, ran very smooth, and never once had any issues with virus'. Hardware wise, this thing is great. Responsive multi-touch trackpad, keyboard feels very good when pressin buttons, and the screen is beautiful. The camera is ok, tho i would expect a little better quality for this machine.

    The only problems with the MacBook line is the price. It is more expensive than the rest. But keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. The only thing that will help you figure out if you should get one or not is your purpose for using one. A MacBook is great for personal use (Chat, Internet, Music, Downloading, Document Editing, Picture, Movies, etc). I dont know how well it would be for business because I never used it in that sense.

    Once my 1st MacBook died, I went to an Apple Store right away to get a new one. I did not even bother looking at other Laptop because I felt that the MacBook was the perfect laptop for me compared to others that I have seen people use in the past. I guess you can kind of say that the MacBook is my Laptop version of webOS ...... I Refuse to go anywhere else because it is exactly what I want.

    Hope my little bit of opinion helps.

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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