I didn't read the whole thread...I've seen enough on the news and happened to be up watching the 11:00PM news when it happened and saw it live. Boy were they WAY off on numbers....."at least 50 dead". I knew there were going to be a lot more than 50 as I was watching it.....If we recall, the last major tsunami claimed somewhere in the neighborhood of 200K lives. What does it take to be a CNN reporter anyway? Surely, they couldn't have believed that when they put that into print. Even the first day when the numbers S-L-O-W-L-Y went up to a couple hundred, then a thousand, then a couple thousand....and so on and so on. Sure, maybe they were simply going on physical bodies they found, but c'mon....this is JAPAN!! 127 Million+ people.. and although I haven't heard any numbers recently, I just googled and saw 18,000 and another (speculation from Welsh academic) @40K. I think even if it did hit 40K....They got off partly by luck, bless them, and partly by ingrained preparedness. They invented the word, so obviously they knew the inherent dangers associated.

+1 cellmatrix

@groovy: it's a sad state in Libya. Absolute chaos. The US goes in (and really does lay the smack down), hands over the reins to NATO(so they aren't the over-bearing, World Police, anti-Islam, etc, etc), who dilly-dallies around, with slow, inaccurate, unco-ordinated attacks, along with dissention amongst themselves (Britain & France to name a few), the rebels are getting slaughtered, they have ZERO discipline (to be expected considering they aren't soldiers by ANY standard)

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, which is in an elevator going down, with no brakes and severed cables, in a collapsing building........