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    Is it just me, or is the search function of this forum terrible?

    It doesn't seem to work with quotes around a search term, and the results i find hardly ever match what i'm actually looking for...

    I've resorted to google with the parameter...

    Anyone have a guide, or suggestions for me?
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    I use Google with most of the time.

    Check out advanced search options so you can search by title only and have the results listed by post instead of by thread. I find that is usually more effective.

    If you know what you are looking for and really cant find it, there are Forum Leaders around, and you can often get direction from them on where to find a thread about your question.

    And most importantly, when you create a thread, make sure the title is clear and easy for the search engine to find and rank.
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    Here's the link you can just bookmark for searching (I use it all the time instead of the one here): Google Advanced Search
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    works for me
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    works for me

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