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    Think he still believes he's #winning? Ltm Ltm
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    After watching his webcast the other night... any lingering doubts that the guy is off his rocker were thrown out the window.
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    Lol exactly. He has literally gone insane.
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    Drug-induced psychosis doesn't actually go away the minute a person stops using drugs. What he's saying right now reminds me a lot of that. I also think he's been around so many clingers for so long that he's believing what they tell him. This is exactly why Michael Jackson didn't seem to be in touch with reality. He made his own reality by surrounding himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear.
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    He'll still be remembered long after all the suits have been buried and urinated on by countless rodents. Other than that, he'll probably just take a break in Haiti, come back, and get paid even more per episode.
    Now everybody get back to your cubicles.
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    he's all down hill from here folks .
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