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I think this should be a fascinating and provocative look at how we in the public, more than ever are able to shape the news...this come with a great deal of responsibility.

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Cell Phone Photo Class Is Not Just for Taking Pics
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Filed at 2:36 p.m. EST, March 2, 2011

PHILADELPHIA (AP) A new cell phone photography class at a suburban Philadelphia university focuses on both the quality of the images and the ethical responsibilities that come with taking and publishing them.

Cell phone cameras and associated scandals have become ubiquitous. Immaculata University communications professor Sean Flannery says that means students have to realize the "the full gravity of what's at their fingertips and the power they can have."

Cell phone photos constantly make headlines, and Flannery says his goal is "to sell the students on the notion that the camera phone and its usage in culture is news in the making."

Cell phone photography courses are not new, but Immaculata officials believe theirs is different in addressing the ethical aspects as well.

About 20 students enrolled in the course.