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    I do most of my reading online and find most of the magazines are just huge advertisements. Besides, there is no way for a print magazine to keep up-to-date like online magazines and neither have the allure of watching Sumi Das on Fresh Gear ("heart be still").

    So here I am with the only magazine I read, Handheld Computing and I am wondering if there are any other magazines out there I should be checking out.

    So what else do you all suggestand why?
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    I personally read Maximum PC and PC mag (The latter only because I have a free subscription to it). I like Maximum PC because there reviews are very good and the articles are helpful and it just seems to have a fun yet hardcore attitude..not wrapped up in business like the other techy mags...
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    I agree with the lateness of news in Magazines. So I just read my free subscription to MacWorld. I originally got it when I bought my first mac, then another when I got another mac, now they gave me another subscription for downloading iCal, sweet, huh
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    I've only ever received two: Embedded Systems Journal and Embedded Linux Journal. IMO, neither were worth what I put into getting them (ie, filling out the bingo card). Even the articles were advertisements. No technical content whatsoever.

    And then the people that start these rags are suprised when they go under.
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    Maximum PC, PC World, PC Magazine, PC Gamer, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics. (do the last two count?)
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    Best magazine in the world: T3 (Tomorrow's Technology Today) it's a UK magazine so you always get to see the new phones/technology that are released in Europe. :drool:

    I also read 2600, Wired, Popular Science, Pen Computing, and anything with a cellphone/pda/gadget on the cover
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    This is my first visit to the "off topic" forums, I was bored at work.

    Anyway, I LOVE PDAUser (previously PalmUser). This is a journal sized mag from the UK that covers EVERYTHING Palm, like new software reviews and hardware reviews. Plus comparisons, like which Excel and Word editors are the best? It helped me make some very good palm software decisions. Now they just recently merged with their sister publication that was just pocketpc, lets hope that doesn't impact their Palm coverage. With all the Palm software available, how do you know what's good anymore? Just go to handango and browse around? I think not...

    I don't work for them, just a big fan! So go to NOW and subscribe, they will ship overseas!

    Other than that, I read Maximum PC, CPU (a little more maximum than maximum!), and PC Magazine.
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    MacAddict, MacWorld, MacHome.

    Do I detect a theme?
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    once a long time ago (back when they were CD-Rom Today ((Yes, back in win 3.11 days -lol)), and then boot), i subscribed to Maximum PC, till they started to get boring. now i just look at the net for info. and, thats all i need (cant forget treo central)

    not tech, but has some readable stuff too.

    all i subscibe to now is Popular Science, pretty much just for the Whats New section.

    My essential Mags/Websites (Online Mags)
    [list=1][*]Maximum PC[*]Popular Science[*][*][*][*][*][/list=1]
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    I only "paper" magazine I subscribe to is "Linux Format - DVD edition"

    (it's a UK magazine, discovered it in my Local Border Books store)
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    I read PC Magazine.

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    PC World and PC Mag
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    not as 'techy' as the magazines you all describe, but still revolving around 'tech' ....Business 2.0

    it's a good place to read about how technology is being used in industry and has some great articles on people that use/develop technology. And because the articles are about topics (instead of latebreaking news), the 'lateness' you descibe isn't much of a factor.

    it's the only magazine i subscribe to....until my very recent gift subscription to Velonews
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