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    Hey guys, just stopping in today to say hello and introduce myself to those of you that don't know me. I'm really happy to be making the PreCentral Forums my new home for conversations about these awesome devices and the company behind them.

    Many of you may know me as @anotherguy on Twitter, or from the community over at webOSroundup. I've been sticking with Palm since the Centro was released quite a while back, and I picked up the original Pre- on Black Friday of 2009. Early on in 2010 I spent 30 days using only my Pre- (no computer whatsoever) and that's really how I got started in the community. So far Twitter has been my home for discussions, and my website is generally where my longer posts have been published, but now it's time to finally become an active member of some community forum, and PreCentral fits my liking pretty well.

    As far as my job goes, I've been working with Clear Wireless since summer of 2010, but in two weeks I'll be switching career paths and leaving the company as I pursue my real desire of making videos and copywriting for various companies (with print media) and websites. I'm also releasing several apps this year specifically for the webOS community, and we all know that takes a lot of time off your hands.

    Anyway, that's about all you need to know about me right now. Feel free to contact me anytime about anything if you can use my help with your projects. I look forward to becoming a valuable member of your community here on PC
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    Good luck in your new endeavors! Look forward to seeing what webOS apps you have in store for us :-)
    My apps: FlightPredictor, LJ for WebOS (LiveJournal client), We the People, Private Browser, GAuth (Google two-factor authenticator), BoardGameGeek, PasswordHash
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    Welcome aboard. It's always good to see fresh faces here in the forums.
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    Welcome Tim.... hope to see some great discussions here...
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    Sprint Pre Plus 1.4.5
    Dev Verizon Pre 2.1.0
    Weather App in the works...
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    You are more than welcome!
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    Some call him, "Tim".
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    lol, some indeed, do call me Tim.

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. I'm already poking around in a few places in the forums.
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