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    Forgive me if I'm ignorant....

    Is there a wireless headphone system made for portable music devices like Walkmen, MP3 players, etc.? I do my working out in the early AM in my basement, and use my RioRiot for music. But moving around the equipment and all, I've gotten hung a few times. Does anyone know if I can get a set of wireless headphones for such a device?

    The Recoton (sp?) devices I've seen are more for large stereo setups. I guess I could rig one of them up with a few adapters from RadioShack and make it work, but it would be better if there were a ready-made solution.

    Thanks in advance for any help....
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    i saw some bluetooth headphones on panasonics japanes page once....

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  3. #3 teamed with a headphone radio would work.

    You could also get those wireless headphones designed for TV viewing while your spouse sleeps.

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