Thanks for all the great advice! Some of it makes a lot of sense and some is a little...weird, I guess (Who stands 25 feet from a TV to see which one's best?...that was one of my favorites along with Get a Black One!). My son works for Best Buy and he's echoed some of the remarks on here. It's kinda' tough watching these high refresh TV's unless you can see what they're connected to and with what are they connected. Source material makes a big difference and if they're running the signal thru a standard HDMI cable you won't get near as good a picture because it isn't capable of carrying the signal. These TV's (3D w/ 240hz and higher refresh rates require the expensive hardcore HDMI cables to do them justice. I looked at how Costco has all there TV's hooked up and they're all going thru component video good! The good thing about Costco is their 90 days no questions asked return policy. So at this point I'm leaning on getting the 55" Vizio with the sick 480hz refresh rate and seeing how it plays in my system with the heavy duty HDMI cables. I thank you all for your comments and suggestions!