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    Unfortunately the sarcasm filter seems to be malfunctioning. He is definitely joking and now that it's in the OT area, the humor will get even more twisted.
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    We are professionals.
    I'm afraid I was the instigator of the move but frankly it was degenerating into something they may have closed.
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    Oh but closing is always on the table, my pretties!

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    a phone app ,,,, hmmm what a novel idea. I heard about them phone things, dangerous I hear tell. where is my can and string phone. oh wait palm/hp says it is coming in the upcoming weeks.
    soup anyone?
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    This really begs the question: Has anyone had access to the Pre3's phone app and tried calling? Or played with the phone app at all? I'm interested to know what carrier it was running on..
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    hey.. time to spice this thread up ..

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    Nova Barley-wine indeed includes Voice dial
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