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    Deja vu!

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    Those who didn't stand in line for the Pre-, just don't understand. I was in that line and I get it. This was simply not good enough.

    However, I know HP is not trying to win me. They know most of the original PalmOS fan base is already gone. They know that those that aren't will probably stick around to be screwed some more.

    They are thinking long-term and from their perspective, I can respect that. I'm thinking about me and mine and I'll have to decide what's best. It's just a shame.
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    I was in line. This video is hilariously perfect.
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    Haha this is great.
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    yo, this video is sooo funny.... whoever scripted it is an absolute genious~!! i hope HP hires them for marketing!!!
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    What happened to it? I can't see it? Is it Desktop only?!

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    damn. Must have Evo to view ?
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    LOL --- Somebody has a lot of time on their hands
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    Nice job. Captures our frustration perfectly.
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    HAHAAHAH.. I love the end "don't worry, he's just angry, we'll switch to android"
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    this is hilarious...hope jon and leo see this
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    OK lol
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    this was too funny I lol'd all through it.
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    of course I can't view this on my Pre's youtube app, is anyone shocked?
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    Dude google sucks at youtube. 90% of the videos I want to watch on my phone say they're "restricted for mobile use." Thanks google for making sure I can watch anything but crappy parody songs or iJustine...
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    Adolf is hilarious and absolutely right as usual !

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkiBluDawg View Post
    Adolf is hilarious and absolutely right as usual !
    you just lost all chance of running for office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    you just lost all chance of running for office.
    Get a grip on yourself..
    I didnt mean generally but all the youtube downfall parodies..
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