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    Some people have no sense of humour.
    please don't be offended if I don't appreciate the humor. I'm sure it's there and in the whole scheme of things, its not important if I get it or not.

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    There are also those in this world that have bad teeth, through no fault of their own and will end up with dentures, anyway.
    Those poor folks who are just born with such bad teeth, that try as they might they still lose them, I sympathize with them for sure.

    There are also many people who have marginal teeth or gingiva, and only with very good dental care are they able to escape dentures. Undoubtedly some did not fight hard enough and still lost some of their teeth. This is also sad.

    And there also are people with good teeth, but who still lose them through inadequate dental care. I suspect many people who lost their teeth could have kept at least some of them if they had better encouragement or motivation or perhaps better access to dental insurance, or maybe just better education about dental care. Don't you agree?
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