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    Sprint needs to get the Pre3, my son wants it. Spoiled teen and all that. LOL

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    yes yes yes ye sye sy eys yes ye sy eys ye s
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    to me it's the messages leading up to P-Day, not the facts stated on P-Day. Like I said above, we have been told ad nauseum that flash, PDF viewer, Office, v2.x, etc would be available.

    Then, as far as I can tell, the truth came out during HP's "great" announcement event. But, did it come out center stage with a glossy explanation? No, it was an impromptu interview (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $during$ $the$ $milling$ $around$. $That$'$s$ $the$ $part$ $that$ $kinda$ $chaps$ $my$ $hide$.

    But, me no know, I still like webOS and am looking forward to seeing what the Pre3 is like in hand, if I haven't had a need to replace my Pre- by the time it's out.
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    palm pre 3

    palm touch pad

    palm pre veer

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmcc View Post
    palm pre 3

    palm touch pad

    palm pre veer
    You muss be gots some shuggah in yo tank

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