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    so, this is not true ?

    its like a jumper, I'll jump, I'll jump please stop me_ Please.
    what you say, I'm on the 1st floor, I'm going to jump any way. Hold on a sec, I've got a call brb...
    ok, I back.
    man I got to do the number 2 brb...
    damn, out of TP brb...
    the last time I seen a big dog like that, I lost my way home from the front door I can see all of the trash talkin'.
    why do peeps call people peeps.
    darn, now I got clean my art I lost it in the TV just stoped working.
    coo Adult swim is on. K, brb...
    QuickDraw = ADHD

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    hope it was a test of the emergency llama-lootion it was only a test !
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    Quote Originally Posted by ••dbdoinit View Post
    This has been a test of the Emergency Masked Monster/Llama LlamaLOOTion Resignation Reaction System (Special Edition).

    Had this been an actual event, all LOOTers would have received advance PM's (no, not advanced PMS ).

    and PLEASE-

    I haven't seen him since... I'm starting to think it wasn't a test after all

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