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    Help me! I'm still using a VCR to record shows to watch later. I have Comcast cable TV with on demand, but I was looking at using something like Netflix to get content.

    Recently, I've been looking at upgrading my Comcast service to a bundle to include my land phone and internet. We were looking at adding DVR to our system in this bundle, but would Netflix provide any movie or tv show I might have missed foregoing the need for a DVR? If so, do I need expanded cable service?

    Next question is, how to get the content on my TV from Netflix. There is TIVO (a DVR, right?) but it costs about $20 a month for use at Comcast. I can buy the device for 100, but pay $20 a month for a subscription to use it. There is Roku, is it just a way to connect a digital tv to my wireless router? It doesn't record like a DVR, but it allows streaming from my internet connection to my tv that right?

    And then there is the does it work? Can it help me in my situation? So, I'm uneducated and would like for a little nudging from you guys on what you do and how it works. Maybe then I can begin to get an idea of how I can proceed.
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    Netflix isn't going to provide everything you miss, their streaming library is still limited.

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