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    sheen (verb) = to party, usually to excess.
    Man, I really sheened last night!

    sheen (adjective) = to perform something to excess causing extreme pain and/or embarrassment.
    Man, I am soooo sheened! Hey man, I loooove you!

    Please provide your uses of "sheen".
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    Charlie Sheen really sheens drugs and alcohol
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    sheen = loser
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    Quote Originally Posted by clemgrad85 View Post
    sheen = loser
    yeah, sheen definitely fits that definition.
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    it's interesting that you failed add comment or mention of his other addiction - hookers. coincidence? hrm?
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    I see pandas.
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    Sheen's antics are just ways of masking his substance abuse problem. He's made a comeback based on that same persona so it's going to be pretty difficult for him to recover--even more difficult than it normally is. His whole life and livelihood is based on his wild behavior which is fed by substance abuse. One could say the real losers are the producers of Two and a Half Men, who capitalize on the party boy persona knowing it's not an act.

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