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    And why.
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    I would start it in the future of this summer 2 months and 27 days after my birthday aka July 14 (you can do the math and figure out when my birthday is) for my license.

    But I suppose thats not the answer to which you asked so I would probably go back in time to prevent myself from even considering Android
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    Did that, when I was 38. Took my head and my life back!

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    45 - the age I'm at right now. I wouldn't dare change my past.
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    3 - and this time I won't run away and join the circus
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    I saw "the butterfly effect". I'm not fallining into your llama trap this time...
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    13. My uncle bought me an RC car kit that I was supposed to build with my dad. I was impatient and started to build the car myself, losing a piece in the process. While my dad did not get mad, and we ordered a replacement piece and subsequently got it running, I blame all my life's misfortunes on that one incident. I suppose it's my butterfly effect lol.

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