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    Ok. so I follow him on twitter.
    He went to MicroSoft and now he is all goo goo over them with his tweets.
    Give me a break.
    Rahul, you sound like a salesman for whoever employs you.
    I thought you tweeted emphatically abt webOS cause you like the tech but I am proven wrong. Waxing over windows phone 7? really?
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    I think I unfollowed him while he was in the interim. Sounds like it was a good move.
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    LOL.. I stopped following him when he started bragging about how cool the personal avatars were for xBox and how cool it was that you could have them on your Windows phone. Huh?? Yeah, maybe if you're like 6 or something.
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    Nope, but somehow, I get the impression I'm not missing anything.
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    nice thread, I allready unfollowed after getting al that windows crap
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    I was about to unfollow him as well, but then:

    rahulsood Rahul Sood

    @romeytang i will definitely be buying a #webOS tablet/palmpad when it comes out. i can't wait to see it actually..

    13 hours ago

    So he'll still be in my list for quite a while

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