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    Full SIze Ditka:

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    Quote Originally Posted by manordwall View Post
    I think that's what you were trying to post...
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    Gee Newman I think that was Grossman, not Cutler... If you wanna get Grossman from behind then head to Washington
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    Where do i get the URL from?
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    open the graphic in a separate browser tab (or window) and use the URL that is in the address bar.
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    I think the only way the Packers are gonna be in Dallas at the superbowl is if they get tickets, they better hurry before there all gone.
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    I just saw this on TheOnion:

    CHICAGO—Silencing once and for all the multitude of critics who said he did not have what it took to be a postseason quarterback, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler led the Bears to the NFC Championship Game last Sunday by defeating the 8-10 Seattle Seahawks, by far the worst team ever to make the playoffs. "I think I've demonstrated what I'm truly capable of when I'm playing to my strengths," said Cutler, who threw for two touchdowns against Seattle's godawful 27th-ranked defense and had a four-game interception streak snapped only because Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux inexplicably muffed a pass thrown at the goal line. "People got to see my true potential today." Cutler will play his first postseason game against an opponent with a winning record Sunday.
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    thats funny dude !!
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