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    How much do these hold? They look like old jelly jars (about the size of a small juice glass). Or are they more the size of a 1qt mason jar?

    I recommend that you take them to the PBS Antique Road Show...
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post

    The idea is to fill it to the top with some alcoholic beverage and commence drinking. When it gets to 4:20, light up a fatty. When it gets to 10/6 pop some acid. When it gets to 3.14, hold the cup to a mirror and trip out over the fact that 3.14 backwards looks remarkably like PIE.

    *yes I made most of that up and no I don't think anyone should try it.

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    At 4:20 on 10/ pie.
    So far I think it is a tie for 1st place in the contest for

    best. post. ever.
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