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    I don't know if he also told everybody else, so I won't say who he is, but this is the thread to beg him to stay.

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    Now, my post makes no sense!

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    I'm guessing that this is someone special to LOOT. Please don't leave. If you feel the need to go, at least check in from time to time
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    Okay, I'll just take dbd's word for it, that it's someone of value.

    Therefore, PLEASE STAY!
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    I'm in "negotiations" with the "unknown member" right now, but it's not looking good.
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    That sucks! Tell them to get their out here and talk to the rest of us!
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    To whomever this person is, you will be missed.
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    Whoever you are, have fun getting a life.
    Don't let the door hit you in the ***.
    Stay out of trouble and say no to drugs.
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    Whoever you are....

    .... I miss you already.
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