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    So the other day I'm downloading skins for this rainmeter (.net) program to customize my desktop. Cool program, not sure how much of a resource hog it is, but I figure I an handle it with a quad core. I get this zipped file, open up winRAR and I'm not really paying to close attention (first mistake)and I see all these files. Not what I want to unzip, so I just highlight them all and send them to recycling. I open up the recycling and look at the files, don't recognize any of them and just as I hit ok, trash 'em, I see something that I figure shouldn't be deleted, but it's too late.

    Computer doesn't start acting up right away, couple hours later. It's been kinda wonky for the last few months anyway, I decide I'm going to start new a lot of the data I wasn't too worried about losing, a friend (works IT) says if I don't care about loss, then maybe a factory reset will get it back.

    Harder than it sounded. First off, the "administrator" account is set to off by default on Vista, took a few hours of messing around, rebooting while hitting the F11 key (Gateway PC), eventually figured it out and got the factory restore working.

    I did all the windows updates,reinstalled security and went to bed. Wake up in the morning computer is frozen, so I had to do a hard restart. Surprise, surprise.... Cannot read disc message shows ctrl-alt-del to continue, so I do this and then that's the loop I get stuck in. Damn.

    Call up where I bought it from, they tell me it sounds like my hard drive gave up the ghost. What are the odds of that? They ask if I have extended warranty,i said I wasn't sure as it's been 2.5 years since I bought it. Apparently I was smart enough at the time of purchase and yes I still had 6 months left of warranty. Bring it in and it'll be fixed no charge. So today when I'm done work, I'll be getting a "new" computer again, wth 1TB to work with.

    I've started looking around and found some good sites for good free programs. I found this one with some good tips:

    anyone else know of any other good sites for some good goodies?

    it's my Bday today so all extra $$ is going to the beer fund and not the program fund

    almost forgot... I just want to thank my Palm Pre for all those frustrating times in the early months and the couple times I've had to doctor my phone. I think having gone through all of that has made this current situation a lot easier. I've taken this relatively well considering... It was my own screw up's just a computer, and not the end of the world
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    and I have nothing else positive to offer. My wife runs Vista I run MacOS, garage CPU runs XP-pro, in-laws run Win 7. I love XP pro and MAC, hate Vista, and am still learning Win 7.
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    Happy birthday, Sledge!

    First problem is that you bought a Gateway. Although it sounds like you had a good experience with support. I've just never had good luck with them. Second problem, if you're computer is acting "wonky" don't add another start up program. I'd advise you to go through and remove as many start up programs as humanly possible... services too. My old XP machine boots in under a minute and is as fast as its ever been (keeping in mind it's Windows so "fast" is relative).

    I've tried rainmeter and it's pretty cool but I just went back to my plain old desktop because it's always covered with application windows anyway.
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    Happy birthday!

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