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    I have a 30inch monitor and pulling windows all the way to the edge to halve them can be a pain. I would like a gesture that if grabbed a window and moved it a certain minimal distance with a certain minimal velocity in a defined direcation would do a predefined task.


    Right click on window drag 2 inches with velocity of 20 in/sec in a 45 degree angle to the north east.

    This gesture would shrink my window into a quarter screen and put it in the north east corner of the screen.

    I know nothing of writing software, and i am sure its harder than i assume, but this would be awesome if someone came up with it!
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    Ps. I would pay for this. I used to have ultramon when I ran two monitors and i am pretty sure the guy made money off it so I am sure others would pay aswell.

    ...mabey i should be posting there!
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    Try AutoHotkey with the WindowPad script. I don't know if that script will do exactly what you're looking for but I'm pretty sure AutoHotKey will do what you need one way or another.
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    Autohotkey looks deep. Now atleast i will have something fun to play with over x mass when at the inlaws!

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