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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    The report you read is highly likely to be opininiated media article that is often non-factual and/or construed.
    You are right that the public does not know any of the actual details until wikileaks and its close partners vets and publish it, and until then we can not make a conclusion of how dangerous this act may be.
    But we can and should look at what caused this individual to turn to wikileaks after his own government failed to launch a proper investigation.

    If I could I would spend a little longer outlining the facts in this case, but I have to bail right now.
    hmmm BBC was the reporting outlet, i read and reread the article. It in my lowly opinion, just based on being in the print industry, is factual in reporting. It is a fact this man has a beef with this swiss bank, it is a fact this individiual spent 30 days in jail for a similar incident. it is a fact he admited to breaking the law. Not sure where the beef with the bank comes from, possibly from being terminated. As to what info he has, well with the likes of Assange "vetting" the info who the hell knows. Assange will go for the biggest badest headlines he can get, ohh wait he would never do that.
    My point in posting this is this, transparency can and will cover everything. If the banking info of say, Obama ( dont know if he is in this or not just using a name) can be dragged out, than so can yours and mine. Before you go and applaud what Assange is doing, try taking a look at the long view.
    What does this mean to me and mine?
    I said in prior posts, on this very thread, its a slippery slope, if you allow one, you must by default allow others. Who vetts the vetters? Frankly I dont want Assange deciding if my email or banking info is to hit the net next.
    As to his own country not investigating, well, if no laws are being broken why would they investigate? remember, this is swiss law, not american. not british, not german, Swiss.
    they have a whole different set of rules. As does the Cayman's, and a number of other countries. Just because we dont like those rules, does not mean we have the right to flout their laws, not to mention our own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xForsaken View Post
    BBC News - Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts
    here is the BBC version of the events unfolding
    I wouldn't mind knowing which companies are evading American tax laws with giant swiss bank accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen00 View Post
    I wouldn't mind knowing which companies are evading American tax laws with giant swiss bank accounts.
    Part of me would like to see it as well, ultimately it comes down to where does the line get drawn? I can not help but wonder if yours, mine, eveyones personal stuff gets viewed on the net. first it was diplomatic cables, now its banking info.. sorry.. slippery slope
    Heck, Bill Gates could be one of them,, and I know for a fact the man has given away hundreds of millions of dollars, Polio eradication and Rotary International got that,, i believe it was 345 million.
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    Meh, what have I to hide in my bank account? Like they say, you only want to hide if you're doing something wrong (I understand the fellactiousness of that argument, but for a lot of people, that's the way it is).

    Overall though, I don't really think that wikileaks should have Swiss bank account information, as their purpose is to bring government transparency, not corrupt company transparency, though someone should be doing that too.

    The industry always needs watchdogs, or you get things like The Jungle.
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