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    I'm about to throw up, lol.
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    Come on guys, I'm trying to get rid of stomach problems, not get more!
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    This is dbd's worst thread ever!
    For the love of homebrew close it down!!
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    Ahaha! I am so guilty of that, right now! 28 degrees in Syracuse and snowing, wearing shorts and a hoodie. Ah, well, I'm playing DDR later, so there!
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    This thread is more open than 7/11 on New Years Eve!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I think its because its cold outside and in the car but warm where your going, so whenever I wear a sweatshirt and shorts its easy just to take off my sweatshirt
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    Funny thing is, I'm not home either. I just went to the range and snapped a couple pics for y'all.

    If you hate somebody, make them watch Zardoz!

    In all seriousness, a good friend from Cali who did the "coat + shorts" routine in Iowa all winter long, and got Strep Throat every winter for the first 3 years here. Finally convinced him to abandon his foolish and non-GQ style, then no more Strep! Surprise!?!?
    I see pandas.
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