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    They need to both be killed.

    /end thread
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    Sgu?? What's that

    Edit... Brain fart... Stargatw unvs
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    Scott's ok...Chloe is annoying. I'd love to see Dr. Rush (of the show not the forum) tortured by more aliens and not able to escape.
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    Love Rush and the fact that you can watch the episodes on you tube
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Scott's ok...Chloe is annoying. I'd love to see Dr. Rush (of the show not the forum) tortured by more aliens and not able to escape.
    Now that's my kind of talk.. Tell me more

    Forget it...
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    I didn't know who the hell these people are, but I did a search on Chloe. She looks good. Therefore, she shouldn't be killed. End of discussion.
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    Probably the most annoying characters in the 17 or so years of Stargate . Just finished up sg1 seasons1-10 and sga 1-5 and almost quit half way through season one of sgu. (not sure what i would do with out netflix). The previously pregnant doctor is hotter than Chloe any way. Not to mention the lesbian hypnotherapist. Chloe is like a cheap Summer Glau.
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    Totally agree. I'm doing the same thing with Netflix. I ignored SG Atlantis when it was on, so I just watched Season 1 up to Ep. 8 so far. Rodney's really annoying on that show. The big ulgy wild lookin guy hasn't joined up yet.

    SGU was a really hard show to sit through for the first 75% of Season 1. I really had to force myself to try. It's ok... but there honestly aren't any characters you really give a damn about. And yes.. the blonde doctor is very hot. The whole show storyline seems forced... like they thought "we need to shoot this one like they shot Battlestar Galactica"... too bad all the characters suck.
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    Rodney was the only good character on SGA. My favorite SG character is and always be Sam though.
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    I know I liked Rodney in the later seasons of the show... but I'd never seen the beginning seasons and he really is annoying in Season 1.
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    I never watched SG1, but I did watch Atlantis all the way through twice. All of the characters grow on you, especially Rodney. Universe, for the most part I enjoy it, but there are some parts, geez, if I wasn't afraid I was going to miss out on something I would quite watching.
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    Atlantis did this a few times, and so far I think Universe has only done it once, maybe one and a half... filler episodes. Where, as far as I can guess, needed to shoot but didn't have anything written, so they went off and wrote some half-assed script about nothing relating to the story whatsoever. Ugh, I despise it when they pull that card.
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    Big fan of Rodney and his zed pm's. After him it was hard to go back to Carter. Happy that i watched them in order or it would have been painful. Rush is a good replacement though he is just dark enough.
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    I'm just hoping the early pain of watching SGU pays off and the show really gets interesting. If they start pushing the story in some stupid direction it won't be hard to stop watching. Sucks that this show gets so much support and great shows like Firefly get axed.
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    its not the scripts its the damn drama that they through in. I know the old cast was well old, but they made everyone teenagers and gave everyone romances that most of them cant handle acting wise. ie....Scott & Chloe.
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    Firefly was bad *** Baldwin and Nathan... Fantastic.
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    Amen. I can't help but get frustrated when they have to spend full episodes on background stories for each character (Ely's last week). I hate it when they bring out the stones because that means yet another full episode of back-story filler. Ugh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    Firefly was bad *** Baldwin and Nathan... Fantastic.
    Absolutely fantastic and amazingly under-rated story. Some awesome quotes from that show! If you watch Castle... last week Nathan was speaking Mandarin chinese to someone and was asked if he learned it in school... his reply was 'No, I picked it up from a tv show I used to watch." LOL..classic. I loved it.

    Anyway.... SGU episodes with the stones = one hour of pain.
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    I think i watch Chuck any more just for Baldwin, but i have not been able to do Castle.

    .....The worst thing is what a disaster Lost turned into and it will probably go down as one of the best scifi tv shows ever, and firefly got no mainstream love.
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    anyone else notice that the fact that they are supposed to only have supplies that were thrown through the gate at the last minute is slowly being ignored more and more. They have been wearing the same clothes for 10 months, but have plenty of guns, ammo, c4 ect.
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