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    I want to be able to drag windows to the desktop corners in Win7 so that i can get quarters instead of just two windows side by side.

    Drag top - Maximize
    Drag Side - Put half Screen
    Drag corner - Put on that quarter of the screen
    Drag bottom - minimize
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    yes, I intuitively tried drag to bottom to minimize. Didn't work lol.

    also, I know there's a little nub of a button to show desktop, but it's too small. I was thinking that going to the very edge of the screen (maybe any side) with the mouse would preview desktop icons (either minimize apps, or overlay icons). Maybe clicking an edge would go to desktop. Or do this with the taskbar.

    also, chrome or windows should change something to make dragging tabs out of a chrome window work exactly the same as the rest of windows 7 windows

    windows 7 has made me hate going back to work on an xp machine
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    ya its amazing how a little thing like dragging to the side can completely change your user experience.
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    I was hoping some one would tell me that this already exists with something like ultramon.
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    At first I thought you meant that Windows Phone 7 did that, then I read more and realized you were talking about the Desktop OS. :/

    Till a phone OS can do something like this, I'm not going to consider it "true" multitasking. webOS 2.0 just brings more organized multitasking.

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