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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    Buck Naked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermithrax View Post
    I'm the Senior Systems Administrator for a visual effects company.

    We just finished Tron. Wooo!
    And our NDA? We'll hunt you down for disclosing classified information!
    Just remember: If I helped you, press the thanks button!

    Owner of: Pre Sprint, Pre Telcel, Pre Plus AT&T, Pre 2 Unlocked, Pixi Plus AT&T, and 2 TouchPads (my Pre3 was stolen so it won't appear again here).
    Needs: Veer (anyone?)
    Apps: Subnet Calculator, FreeCam, PhotoFun, NuttyPad (work in progress)
    HomeBrew: meta-doctor and Messaging Plugins collaborator
    Twitter: @cesarneg
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Buck Naked?
    yup! lol
    Please hit the thanks button if I helped you

    If you've enjoyed my patches please feel free to donate towards further development.

    Follow the link below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    And our NDA? We'll hunt you down for disclosing classified information!
    How can that be classified lol?
    It's an upcoming movie. Someone must be working on it.
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    Working on Tron? That's pretty sweet.

    I'm a biomedical engineer working in San Diego. Bought my Pre a couple months after release. It hung tough until the power button met it's untimely demise in an incident at summer camp (I'm a volunteer camp counselor). Bought a Verizon Pre Plus and gave it life via my Sprint comm board.

    Patched, overclocked, and waiting to tear open a Pre 2. If Sprint won't bring it to me, I'll bring it to Sprint.
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    "...human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!"

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    I'm a systems engineer for a financial institution. I do computer repair on the side.
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    138000 volt cowboy......Im a lineman for an electrical utility company, and Im a fighter for the extra cash on the side sometimes.
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